Friday, 26 August 2016

I Can Take Your Fear of the Dentist Away

Hands up who likes going to the dentist? Not that many of you huh?

Many people are downright scared of going to the dentist, to the point where it be could be called a fear, or even a phobia which is an irrational fear. Having dental treatment can be unpleasant but it is unlikely to be dangerous or kill us so it is irrational to fear the man or woman looming over us in a mask.

No one is born being afraid of dental visits. So everyone who is afraid has learned somewhere that dental treatment is something to fear. Some people learn this because they have had previous bad dental experiences. The sense of loss of control in the dental environment may be enough to avoid dental treatment forever while others may be afraid due to stories they have heard, movies they have seen or other indirect experiences. The message conveyed to a child from a scared parent might be that going to see a dentist is something to be afraid of. Such messages may cause individuals to avoid treatment and not have any opportunity to learn that things can be different.

Some people fear going to the dentist so much that they just don't go, for years, sometimes 10 or 20 years and then they may well need some treatment reinforcing their negative expectation. The fact is that a routine check-up and good oral health will keep the cavities away and improve our chance of long-term trouble-free teeth and gums.

Did you know that safe and relaxing hypnosis can rid you of the fear, whether you are an adult or a child? Children love hypnosis and they are very good subjects because they enjoy sitting in the "magic chair" and going on a "journey of fantasy". A negative association with the dentist can easily be replaced with a positive reinforcement of looking after our dental health.

As the English Skype Hypnotist, I help clients all over the world from the comfort of their own home using the wonderful free technology of Skype hypnosis. I also see clients face to face on the South coast of England. Let me help you and trips to the dentist will be short and trouble free. There is nothing to fear, only fear itself.

Antonia Harrison is the English Skype Hypnotist

I Don't Want To Be The Fat Bridesmaid

Sally came to me three months before her best friend's wedding. She had been invited to be a bridesmaid, as had two other friends. One of the friends was very overweight, at least five stones or 70 pounds on the heavy side. Sally wanted to lose two stones or 28 pounds to look her best for the big day. She did not want to be the "fat bridesmaid" in her best friend's wedding photos.

Both girls met me when I had an exhibition stand about Gastric Band Hypnosis, or Virtual Gastric Band. I explained that this is safe and relaxing. We pretend that the person is having an operation to fit a gastric band at the opening of their stomach to restrict the amount of food they will eat and the power of their subconscious mind makes the experience real, giving all the benefits without any of the pain, discomfort, time off work and large investment of money.

Gastric band operations are quite common procedures now but there are always risks of undergoing general anaesthetic and ensuing stitches, scar tissue, even burst bands can pose problems. The operation's true cost is around £10,000 but available free on the NHS within the UK providing the patient qualifies by being sufficiently overweight with a high enough BMI. Sally was only two stones overweight so would not have qualified. The average cost in the USA is currently $25,000.

Gastric Band Hypnosis is completely safe, deeply relaxing and available in the comfort of your own home via the technology of hypnosis over Skype. Wherever you are in the world, I can help you. My current fee for the programme is £500, considerably cheaper than £10,000 or $25,000 for an operation which will cause discomfort and time off work at the very least.

Sally's friend chose not to book this programme. She muttered something about the price as she fiddled with her BMW key fob.

Sally did book the programme. From the first session, she noticed the difference in her eating patterns, as did her family and colleagues. She wasn't hungry and she found it easy to lose the weight - all two stones in time for the wedding. She wasn't the "fat bridesmaid" but we know who was.

Antonia Harrison is the English Skype Hypnotist,