Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Obese Woman Loses Over 12 Stone Through Hypnosis

Learning to 'unzip the fat suit': Obese woman so heavy she needed both knees replaced loses over 12st through hypnosis.

  • Trish Walker was 24st 7lbs at her heaviest.  She was about to have gastric band fitted when she began hypnotherapy and lost half of her body weight in 18 months.  Trish now weighs 12st 3lbs and exercises daily

A woman who was so overweight she had to have both knees replaced has lost over half her body weight through hypnosis.

Trish Walker, 56,was 24st 7lbs at her heaviest but has managed to drop to 12st 3lbs after conquering her fast food cravings.

Following a double knee replacement that was needed as a direct result of her obesity Trish was preparing to have a gastric band fitted when her psychiatrist recommended a hypnotherapy course. In the end the course proved so successful that Trish was able to conquer her addiction to food and lose weight without the dangerous surgery.

Trish, says: ‘Now I am the kind of person who enjoys moving my body'.

A yo-yo dieter since her teens, Trish, had gained and lost up to 8st at a time over the years. She would often eat whole cakes in secret, or entire packs of biscuits and tubs of ice-cream alone in her car, sometimes eating until she was physically sick.

Her knees had become so destroyed by her size that the bones were rubbing together and she was barely able to walk.

Trish at 156 kg  Trish 80kg 8 June 13
Trish Walker lost over 12st, from 24st 7lbs (left) to 12st 3lbs (right) through hypnosis 
Trish had contemplated a gastric band but her sister-in-law had died years before from complications when having one fitted, leaving Trish terrified of undergoing the procedure.  Despite her fears, her increasing disability and desperation at her inability to lose weight prompted Trish to start seeing a psychiatrist to discuss getting a gastric band fitted.
The psychiatrist recommended Trish also started seeing a hypnotherapist, who had had success with food addicts.

The hypnotherapist  worked with Trish to retrain her thought patterns around food and beat her cravings. Trish says: 'I was amazed how well it worked. In the first session I could remember thinking that there was no way I wouldn’t have my cake that weekend.  But after the session I went to the local café where I’d always go, and I looked at the cake display, and I found I just didn’t want one. 

Trish also overcame her fear of exercise with hypnosis.  "I started with just moving around the living room, just moving my body. It happened slowly, I’d start parking the car further away from where I needed to be, and just focus on moving more. Now I go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week, including swimming and aqua aerobics   If someone had said to me 18 months ago that I would even be in a gym outfit I would have thought they were mad, but I love it.’

The hypnotherapist said, 
'It's never just about the weight though, there's always differing levels of self doubt, self blame, self anger and old emotional issues that cause us to eat our emotions.
‘We rewired her thinking and emotional patterns so that she learned how to deal with challenges in healthy ways.  Now she eats only to provide nutrition for her body. She loves who she has become and so do her family.  She has actually learned to like herself for the first time in her life. The strategies taught her to think like a slim and healthy person. 

Trish now weighs a healthy 12st 3lbs she has lost about 170Ibs, half her original body weight.
‘It’s amazing. I feel the healthiest, and even the most beautiful that I’ve ever been,’ she says.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2487074/Unzip-Fat-Suit-Obese-woman-heavy-needed-knees-replaced-loses-12st-hypnosis.html#ixzz2jly92eSn 

Note:  Rather than undergo gastric band surgery with all the potential complications, consider safe no-surgery Gastric Band Hypnosis  with 
Antonia Harrison http://www.englishskypehypnotist.com/gastric-band-hypnosis/  Sessions are carried out worldwide on Skype Hypnosis.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Average Student Goes Into a Hypnotic State 112 Times a Day

"The average student goes into a Hypnotic state 112 times a day."
Many people mistakenly believe that hypnosis is some weird unnatural state.  Not at all.  It is a perfectly natural altered state of consciousness which we all enter several times a day eg daydreaming, driving whilst talking or listening to the radio and being engrossed in a TV programme or film.

A stage hypnotist talks people into a hypnotic trance for entertainment purposes but the same trance state can be used for beneficial purposes in hypnotherapy, such as removing bad habits, teaching pain control or overcoming phobias.

Studying for most people is an engaging time of expanding the mind and learning new information but for some, all that reading and writing essays then cramming for exams can be stressful.  Whilst some sail through with top grades, most would benefit from less stress.  Learning self-hypnosis can be most useful in reducing stress and actually helping the mind to absorb information. 

Hypnosis is even used to aid the learning of foreign languages.  I knew of a languages school in Spain which ran an intensive Spanish programme using hypnosis to speed up retention of the language.

Rehearsing the exams situation, seeing yourself be calm and recalling the information is very beneficial.  Hypnosis is used in a similar way to improve sports performance.  Knowing how to play tennis to a high standard is one thing but mentally seeing yourself serving well and placing the ball outside of your opponent’s reach is a large part of success.  Top athletes in many sports use hypnosis to their advantage.  It is also used to motivate an improvement in performance.

Going back to exams, hypnosis is used to mentally prepare and rehearse driving tests and flying tests.  I once helped a man who had failed the test for his Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) three times.  This was costing him a great deal of money so he came to me for hypnosis and successfully flew through the exam.  Excuse the pun!

Hypnotists can work with children over the age of seven and children make very good hypnotic subjects as they are so creative and use their visual imagination well.  They love being taken for a “ride on a flying carpet” or seeing themselves “as a hero scoring the winning goal.”  As well as helping with studying and helping to cope with exam nerves, hypnosis boosts self-confidence and we can always do with a little more confidence. 

Have you thought of helping your child achieve their best results with hypnosis?

© 2013 Antonia Harrison

Antonia Harrison is a Consulting Hypnotist based in Portsmouth (UK) who also helps people worldwide via Skype Hypnosis.  Visit http://www.EnglishSkypeHypnotist.com for more information.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Stop Smoking with Stoptober 2013 the Easy Way

Smokers in the UK are encouraged to stop smoking for 28 days in October 2013.  If you can stop for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop for good.

"During the Stoptober 2012 campaign, a staggering £25 million was saved by the 160,000 people from not buying cigarettes.
Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said: “Half of all smokers die as a result of smoking, this is the single biggest cause of premature death taking more than 100,000 lives in the UK and costing the NHS up to £2.7bn each year.
It is estimated that you add an additional seven days of life for every 28 days you remain smokefree.  
“We want every smoker to consider making a quit attempt this October and join the thousands of people who are feeling the benefits from stopping smoking last year.” (1)
That is the good news but stopping smoking by willpower alone is hard, very hard.  The extremely addictive drug of nicotine does not give up easily as anyone who has tried to go "cold turkey" will tell you.

Nicotine replacement products might help kick the habit but they keep you addicted to nicotine.  I know someone who has been chewing Nicorette chewing gum for 15 years and the gum has been linked to oral cancer.

I encourage you to stop smoking in October but do it the easy way with safe, natural and effective hypnosis.
 “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little”.  ~(New Scientist, Volume 136 issue 1845 31 Oct 1992, page 6)
The average smoker smokes a packet of 20 cigarettes per day at £7 so spends about £210 every month ...of net income.  Stop smoking with me and donate what you would have spent on smoking to a great charity.  I recommend Brainstrust which helps patients with brain tumours and their carers.

Stop smoking in one Session of Hypnosis with the English Skype Hypnotist .  Call today.  Sessions available in Portsmouth (UK) or worldwide via Skype

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How Talking About Tomato Plants Helped a Cancer Sufferer With His Pain

The legendary Milton Erickson is considered the Father of modern hypnosis.  He was a master of using stories in therapeutic sessions and this approach is now called "Ericksonian Hypnosis".     But none of these stories were as compelling as his famous "tomato plant induction." 

    Years ago, Dr. Erickson was asked by a family of a cancer patient to ease his unbearable pain  Like most cancer patients, he was highly medicated, yet the pain was uncontrollable. 

    Erickson found out the man was a florist. So he decided to talk about the plants that Erickson was most 
familiar with -- tomato plants   Dr. Erickson spent hours talking about tomato plants with the man.   He talked about how they grew, flowered and how to produce superior tomatoes. 

    Of course Erickson was weaving messages of hope, comfort, healing and growth as he spoke of tomato plants... 

    As the man's family listened in the adjoining room, they became most impatient and angry!    When was the famous Dr. Erickson going to start using hypnosis to ease his pain? 

    Finally...they decided enough was enough.     So they marched into the room containing Erickson and the patient 
to demand he start treating their relative right away.    But as they entered the room, they realized their beloved family member was in a beautiful, deep trance  So deep... he did not even notice a throng of family members pile into the room! 

    After these "tomato talk" sessions the man's condition improved DRASTICALLY. 

    What is the lesson you can draw from this seemingly unconventional approach? 

    You can weave ideas, suggestions, even outright directions on ANY theme within the context of ANY story. 

    (Even tomatoes!) 

 I use Ericksonian Hypnosis for many applications when helping my clients.  Visit http://www.EnglishSkypeHypnotist.com

Monday, 9 September 2013

Do Spiders Make Your Heart Pound With Fear?

The thought of spiders has always frightened me.  Even the small harmless ones.  It was no use telling me they were more afraid of me than the other way round.  As a child I even screamed at the sight of a money spider and my family had to call them “freds” because I could not even bear to hear the word “spiders”.  My father bought a boat for weekends and holidays away and spent every morning with a broom pushing the spiders into the water before I saw them. 

In my 20’s I came home one evening and found a large spider on the upright tread of a stair on the staircase as I came through my front door.  Immediately my heart started pounding.  I sat down with a large glass of wine and realized that my nearest friend was an eight miles round trip and I could not ask someone to help a damsel in distress for such a reason.  I had to pluck up courage to sweep it into a dustpan and run up the road with it, hoping it would not find its way back.  Or worse still, its brothers would come looking for it!

When I became a hypnotherapist in 1990, I dreaded someone calling me for help with a spider phobia.  I could hardly admit that I was crippled with the phobia myself.  To me it was like being treated by an obese hypnotherapist for weight loss or a smoker for smoking cessation.  I believe in “Physician, heal thyself.”

Watching my son become afraid of spiders which frequently entered our house as we lived in the woods made me decide it was time to apply self-hypnosis and the NLP Fast Phobia Cure on myself.  I did and it was not scary or unpleasant.

A couple of weeks later, I faced my old fear and had a tarantula put in my hand.  I still think they are ugly but there was no pounding heart or screaming.  Amusingly, people now call me to remove spiders.

One week later a prospective client called for help with her fear of creepy crawlies especially spiders, cockroaches and locusts as she was being sent on her dream post in Africa.  We processed the therapy and afterwards both sat down and looked at a box of spider photos.  Both of us remained calm.

I have helped people with all sorts of fears and phobias easily, in a relaxed way, usually in 1-2 sessions.  These included heights, flying, tube travel, motorway driving and the dentist.

I see clients at my home office in Portsmouth, Hampshire UK or worldwide over Skype.  I can help you too.  Visit http://www.englishskypehypnotist.com/stop-fears-phobias/

Monday, 8 July 2013

Five Stone Weight Loss With Gastric Band Hypnosis

A recent article in the Daily Mail featured a 27 year old teaching assistant who lost five stone and went from a size 18 to a size 6.

Teaching assistant sheds five stone after being HYPNOTISED into thinking that she had a gastric band and loved to exercise 
·         Danielle Davies, 27, from Rotherham was 14 stone due to love of takeaways
·         Mother hypnotised her into believing she had gastric band
·         Also bewitched her into doing exercise through 'Hypnocise' technique
·         The teaching assistant is now a size six and works out every day at home
   I offer Gastric Band Hypnosis to clients either at my home office in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK or anywhere in the world over Skype.  You can read more at Gastric Band Hypnosis

Why put up with obesity when there is a natural way to solve your problem?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Would Hypnosis Have Helped Prince Philip Prepare for His Operation?

Hypnosis to Prepare for Succesful Operations

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is undergoing an operation today and at 91 years old, there must be some apprehension and concern for his health.  There are increased complications for someone of such a high age.

No one enjoys operations and it is perfectly natural and understandable that someone will feel some fear or at least worry at the thought of having an operation.  We place ourselves in the surgeon’s hands but can we do anything to positively affect the outcome of the operation?  The answer is yes – hypnosis.

I have had two operations to remove brain tumours.  For the first in 2001, I was a bundle of nerves, crying on my way down to the theatre because I did not think I would survive the operation and with the highest blood pressure reading I had ever had.  I was in hospital for ten days as complications set in leaving me with partial paralysis of my arm and leg and slurred speech.

Five years later I underwent the same operation, probably because the first surgeon did not completely remove the tumour so it regrew.  On the day of the operation, with a candula already in my hand linked to a saline drip, I lay on my hospital bed and calmly took myself into self-hypnosis to ensure that I left for theatre in the most calm and relaxed way possible.   The operation was completely successful and my recovery was so fast that I was allowed home in six days compared to the two weeks predicted by the surgeon.

My convalescence period was also short and I suffered no side-effects. I credit my quick recovery to hypnosis and the power of my own unconscious mind which prepared me for a successful operation and fast recovery.

I heard about Stan who was visibly shaking as he talked about his forthcoming operation. He was due to have a hernia operation but was totally convinced that he would not come out of it alive. Under hypnotic regression, a hypnotherapist found that Stan’s fear went right back. “Well I know exactly what it was, and I’d completely forgotten about that incident,” he went on to explain, “I was at the dentist with my mother, she was having an extraction and she suddenly started screaming and screaming. I was terrified.” Stan laughed, “to think all these years that’s what’s been bothering me. I feel so good now, I know I’ll be fine.”

The hypnotherapist had Stan project his mind into the future and see himself recovering well after his operation. Stan rang the hypnotherapist a few days later. He’d enjoyed being in hospital and getting all the attention and the operation went smoothly. He felt he’d completely overcome his fear, in just one session of hypnosis.

Before surgery, hypnosis can be used to lead the person into a deep state of mind and body relaxation in which positive suggestions are given straight to the unconscious mind to relieve anxiety, reduce bleeding during the operation, eliminate post surgical discomfort and even reduce the level of anaesthetic required. Fear raises adrenaline levels which means that more chemicals are needed to overcome the natural "fight or flight" reaction of the body and produce the state of anaesthesia.

Hypnotists often use "safe place" imagery, in which the client begins by imagining him/herself in a location that feels safe and secure. Once the "safe place" is established, the feelings of safety and security are anchored in – an NLP technique – and the client watches the whole process of the surgery repeatedly but in a detached way, a bit like watching a film whilst sitting in a cinema seat. The person then rehearses successful surgery and recovery with suggestions for comfort, rapid healing and a positive attitude.

Positive imagery aids in the rapid healing process, shortening recovery time, reducing swelling, bleeding and with a positive reduction in post-operative pain. Ideally the person would have a few sessions with a hypnotist to maximize the beneficial effects.

How does hypnosis help control pain after surgery? Have you ever been engrossed in a conversation and bumped into a chair, felt nothing but noticed a bruise later on? The preoccupied mind does not notice the pain. The nerves send pain signals but they never registered in consciousness and that is how the unconscious treats post surgical pain.

Personalized hypnosis sessions for your particular operation and circumstances are always best but if not possible, you can also download a hypnosis mp3 to prepare for surgery and a hypnosis “Prepare for Surgery” script is available for professional hypnotists.

© Antonia Harrison 2013 is the leading English Skype Hypnotist in Hampshire and helps clients worldwide with #SkypeHypnosis.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Affordable Hypnosis MP3 Downloads Bring Hypnosis Into Your Home

As a professional hypnotherapist helping many people with a variety of problems, I recognize that not everyone can afford one-to-one help.

To make hypnosis affordable and accessible to everyone, Hypnosis Downloads produce an extensive list of Download hypnosis MP3s which you can listen to on your iPod, your Smart phone, your computer or burn to a CD.  You then have them to listen to again and again should you so require, particularly the ones about relaxing or de-stressing.  Just make sure you do not listen to them when driving!

They have over 800 single subjects, covering all sorts of subjects, for example:

Act on Your Ideas
Boredom Eating
Breastfeeding Relaxation
Business Networking Confidence
Chemotherapy Nausea
Relax after work   

Most single subjects cost just few a pounds.  They do supply the MP3s on a CD if you cannot or do not wish to download them.

There are also several packs or programmes, for example: 

10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking

10 Steps to Overcome Insecurity in Relationships

Complete Stress Management Pack

I really recommend Hypnosis Downloads.  I use some of the MP3s myself eg 10 Min Power Nap and Tinnitus Treatment.  This last one really helps me cope with the constant gushing noise in one ear following surgery.  

All the hypnosis downloads are created by a team of four experienced hypnotherapists, all with a British accent.  They have this to say:

"Not all hypnosis is the same, and some is downright peculiar. But we work hard to ensure our psychology is sensible and research-supported, plus we have 5 main points of difference...
  1. 4 experienced therapy brains work on every download. And we work very hard to ensure every download is a work of art.
  2. We're experienced therapist trainers - formed in 1995 we've trained over 24,000 people since then at face-to-face events.
  3. We've served over 500,000 hypnosis downloads and are the biggest hypnosis provider in the world.
  4. Between our team of 4 hypnotherapists, we have treated over 5,000 patients in personal 1:1 therapy.
  5. Over 600,000 people have taken our email courses since 2000 when we launched our online business."

There are also some subjects for children.  Children really enjoy hypnosis and we usually recommend that they be at least 7 years old so that they can concentrate.

Have a look at the wide variety of MP3s offered by Hypnosis Downloads.  There are bound to be some that catch your eye and I know you will find them useful.  Just being in a wonderfully relaxing hypnotic state is a feeling you will enjoy.

Antonia Harrison is the English Skype Hypnotist offering Freedom from bad habits, addictions and fears to clients in the UK or worldwide over Skype.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I Can Help Solve Your Child's Problems with Hypnosis

You want the best for your children and it pains you to see them unhappy, without friends, struggling at school, lacking confidence or plagued by an unwanted habit, fear or phobia.  Talking to them does not solve the problem and the doctor just says they will grow out of it.  But you want to help your child now.  Good.  I can help.  I am a Mum and know how precious children are and have lots of experience helping children using hypnosis.

Children really enjoy hypnosis.  They love the “magic chair”, pretending to “fly on a magic carpet” or seeing themselves “scoring the winning goal”. 

Any parent knows that children pretty much live in a trance state.  Call it daydreaming if you like but they can easily be somewhere else in a flash.  In fact younger children can enter hypnosis with their eyes open and not even sitting still. 

Children also respond well to hypnosis and there are several key areas which bring effective results ie habits; self-confidence and overcoming shyness; coping with pressure at school and exam nerves; coping with divorce or death in the family and chronic health conditions.

As with an adult, there is far more going on in the subconscious mind (below the water) than in the conscious tip of an iceberg (above the water).  Even at a young age, a child has already clocked up thousands of experiences, any one of which could be causing a problem.  You only have to read how big a problem child obesity and eating disorders are becoming to know that is true.

What sort of problems do I help?  

  • Habits eg bedwetting, thumbsucking, hairpulling.

My blog post on the Ericksonian Approach to Thumbsucking

  • Fears and phobias such as spiders, dogs, school, needles, blood, medical treatment, the dentist, the dark.
  • Weight problems, obesity, eating disorders ie anorexia or bulimia and fussy eating.
  • Children can be badly affected by divorce, arrival of a new step-parent, a new sibling or a death in the family.  I know.  Don’t let your child carry these issues into adulthood and affect their relationships.
  • Children can hate school because they are being bullied, are left out, are shy or a favourite teacher has left.  They cannot concentrate because the teaching methods do not match how they need to learn.  That is where my NLP skills can help.
  • Children are under tremendous pressure in these uncertain economic times.  Competition is fierce and the need to do well at school is paramount.  Some sail through but many suffer from stress and bad exam nerves.  Occasionally we hear the sad news of a teenager ending their life because of the stress.  It can be avoided.

     “I can’t thank you enough for helping my daughter (16) through her exams.  She was so stressed, had developed an eating disorder and was even cutting herself.  She is a changed girl and this is all thanks to you.   She scored excellent results in her exams and now has confidence.  She has gone to China for a year to work as an au pair.  This was unthinkable before you helped her. ”  - Eva, Sweden

    Whatever problem your child has, I would like to help.  I have the knowledge and experience to do so.  

    We can do this face-to-face in the UK or over  video anywhere in the world.

    Antonia Harrison is the English Skype Hypnotist.  Download the free ebook "21 Myths and 30 Truths About Hypnosis" at http://www.21HypnosisMyths.com

    90% of Our Mind is Beyond Our Conscious Control

    "If only I could find a way to......"  We know what we want but somehow cannot quite achieve it.  Why is this?  

    Only 10% of our brain is conscious thought ie the bits we control.  The other 90% is unconscious or subconscious and hidden deep in our mind.  It is said that every person we have ever seen, every doorway we have walked through, every comment we have ever heard etc - are all stored deep within us.  You know the feeling when you cannot remember a name or a word and say, "Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue" then hours later you remember?  That is dragging the information out of our subconscious mind.  We never really forget anything.  Everything we learned at school, every word of a foreign language - it is all there somewhere.

    So what?

    A lot of this information is positive but much of it is negative.  Throwaway comments made about us as a child.  Other people's beliefs we heard.  All of this impacts who we become, the values and beliefs we hold and the habits and behaviours we develop.  We know we want to lose weight yet yo-yo diet for decades until we find out that it all goes back to a comment made when we were 12 which was forgotten consciously...but stored unconsciously.  

    It is like a battle between the two parts of the mind only as the subconscious mind is so much larger and outside our conscious control, we do not even know what we are battling against.

    The good news is that hypnosis can help reach that subconscious mind and rewrite the programming.  Under deep physical and mental relaxation, hypnosis bypasses the critical factor between the conscious and the subconscious allowing positive hypnotic suggestions to replace the negative ones.  

    All permanent change must take place at this subconscious level.  Saying affirmations over and over, day after day, may eventually get through but hypnosis can make the change quickly, often in just a single session.

    Hypnosis works with your own powerful subconscious mind to stop smoking in one session; shed unwanted weight and finally control your eating habits; overcome fears, phobias and habits; give you greater self-confidence; improve how you cope with stress, worry, anxiety and change and improves many stress-related health issues.  Hypnosis is suitable for everyone over the age of seven and children really enjoy hypnosis.

    When would now be a good time to change?

    Antonia Harrison is the English Skype Hypnotist.  Download the free ebook "21 Myths and 30 Truths About Hypnosis" at http://www.21HypnosisMyths.com

    Monday, 20 May 2013

    You Can Overcome Stage Fright with Hypnosis

    Even famous singing stars can feel terrified when invited to perform live at major events. Panic and insomnia set in. A pounding heart, clammy palms, sweating and the terror can affect voice quality. Why would that be when they have performed live so many times? Maybe it is the thought of performing in front of thousands or even millions if a global televised event.
    Stage fright can even be so bad that it causes a performer to vomit in the lavatories before appearing on stage.
    However, visiting a hypnotherapist is a good solution to calm nerves and overcome the stage fright.
    Under hypnosis, events and situations do not seem so scary so you can face whatever it is that you are afraid of whether that be fear of heights, flying, spiders, public speaking or in this case - singing live in front of millions. The hypnotherapist uses a process of detaching you from reality so that you become desensitized to whatever is making your heart beat too fast. The result is that your mind is reprogrammed to see the object of your fear in a non-scary way and maybe even enjoy the experience.
    Once the mind is re-programmed at the deep unconscious level where all permanent change must take place, life will never be the same.
    I know because I overcame my life-long phobia of spiders through self-hypnosis.
    An opera singer once approached me for help with her stage fright. Her contemporaries were coping with beta-blockers which are prescribed to cope with the physiological symptoms of the "fight or flight" response (pounding heart, cold/clammy hands, increased respiration, sweating, etc.) The symptoms are significantly reduced, thus enabling anxious individuals to concentrate on the task at hand.
    However, Wikipedia (1) quotes the following adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with the use of beta blockers include: nausea, diarrhoea, bronchospasm, dyspnea, cold extremities, exacerbation of Raynaud's Syndrome, bradycardia, hypotension, heart failure, heart block, fatigue, dizziness, alopecia (hair loss), abnormal vision, hallucinations, insomnia,nightmares, sexual or erectile dysfunction and/or alteration of glucose and lipid metabolism. They must also not be prescribed if the patient suffers from asthma or takes cocaine.
    So this very sensible opera singer preferred to learn how to overcome her stage fright with natural, relaxing hypnosis.
    Hypnosis is available now through Skype for anyone who wishes to overcome stage fright or any fear, phobia or anxiety state. This takes place in your home or office over Skype anywhere in the world. You will be guided into deep mental and physical relaxation and in this wonderful state the uncomfortable anxiety is replaced with cool, calm, relaxed confidence. Hypnotic suggestions are installed and techniques offered for you to easily recall these feelings whenever needed.

    Antonia Harrison is the English Skype Hypnotist who helps client to stop smoking, become slim & healthy with hypnosis gastric band and overcome fears, phobias, anxiety and stress-related problems. She is based in Portsmouth, UK and helps clients worldwide with Skype Hypnosis. http://www.EnglishSkypeHypnotist.com

    Monday, 13 May 2013

    What Are the 21 Myths and 30 Truths About Hypnosis?

    I first had the privilege of working with my first client using hypnotherapy in 1990 - 23 years ago.

    Over the years, I have experienced change first hand with people.  Some of these people were desperate having spent years and a huge amount of money seeking help elsewhere.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing those simple words, "Thank you for all you have done for me."  The truth is that I do not have a magic wand but work with my client's own inner resources to effect change.

    Sometimes what needs to be changed is so obvious to me that I wonder how the person has not found the solution themselves but of course that is problem; we can become so invested in our own problem that we cannot see any way out, or simply refuse to believe there is a way out.

    When someone says, "I've tried everything and I finally found what I needed", then I know my day was worthwhile.

    Yet despite all the evidence of hypnosis being such a powerful tool for change, I still hear such nonsense and false beliefs about what hypnosis is and more amusingly, what it isn't.

    I wanted to dispel these myths once and for all and counter them with some truths about the simple truths and how hypnosis is used everyday, somewhere in the world, for an amazing variety of applications.  You may know that hypnosis is effective in stopping people smoking - in fact the most effective method there is - but did you know that hypnosis is used to help the process in a woman's mind who is undergoing fertility treatment to fall pregnant?  We call this simply Hypno-fertility.  Or that hypnosis is now medically recognized in the UK as helping sufferers of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

    When cynics say, "It's all in the mind", be glad because it really is!  Hypnosis works with the deep, hidden unconscious or subconscious mind where all permanent change must take place.  Just trying to do something consciously rarely works.  (Terrible word "try"; it sets the mind up for possible failure.)

    I have written an e-book "21 Myths & 30 Truths About Hypnosis".  You can receive it free simply by visiting www.21HypnosisMyths.com  You will also receive occasional information from me in your email inbox about applying Hypnosis, NLP and Personal Development to effect the change you want in your life.

    Click here to visit www.21HypnosisMyths.com now.

    ©Antonia Harrison 2013. 

    Monday, 29 April 2013

    You Can Control Your Alcohol Consumption With Hypnosis

    For confirmed alcoholics, total abstinence from alcohol may be the only option.  However, for many, controlled drinking or moderated drinking may be the goal.  I would be happy to work with you and help you become sober and in control of your drinking.

    A client in Belgium once told me he wanted to be able to drink a couple of Belgian beers and enjoy them rather than drink five or six and wake up in a pool of vomit with a hangover. 

    Of course, alcohol is easily available, relatively cheap and portrayed as part of adult socializing.  For most people, alcohol moderation is not an issue.  They can enjoy a drink or two and know when to stop. 

    I want to help the people who have crossed the line or are concerned that they may be about to.  Most alcoholics or people with uncontrolled drinking are normal everyday functioning people, often with professional and family responsibilities.  It may be your neighbour, colleague or relative and you don’t even realize.

    Alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver, heart failure, depression, anxiety and damage to the brain and nervous system. It is really not worth it.

    For Muslims, drinking alcohol is forbidden because they know that it alters your state, the real uninhibited person appears who may behave in a rude, violent or aggressive way when alcohol is in control.  Some people become very emotional and some pass out, vomiting.  The contraceptive pill is not effective for the rest of the month if a woman has vomited which is how some unwanted pregnancies occur.

    I combine advanced hypnosis with NLP and Timeline to change the faulty mental conditioning and boost your willpower. When your “childish” unconscious mind knows that this uncontrolled habit is not helping you but doing you harm, it will adopt change like switching on a lightbulb.  Cravings disappear, your willpower is strengthened and you find new alternative behaviours to replace that automatic reaching for a bottle (or can).  Your self-confidence and self-esteem probably need a boost.  Certainly your self-respect.

    You don’t need alcohol to be an emotional crutch.  If there are reasons for your drinking, relaxation techniques will help us to access the root cause for the addiction in your unconscious mind so that we can deal with them.  You may be facing an emotional problem and hiding from it rather than dealing with the consequences.  Life throws us bad situations and stressful circumstances but it is not what happens so much as how we respond that matters.  I change the story about “needing a drink to cope” to more positive feelings about yourself.  Whereas drinking used to be for escape, we replace that running away with confidence, strength and self-control.

    Together we create better coping strategies and attitudes towards alcohol.  It is not your friend, any more than a cigarette is a friend.  They are both harmful, addictive drugs.

    You don’t have to spend the rest of your life going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, standing up and saying, “My name is xxx.  I’m an alcoholic.”  Hypnotherapy can help you to put alcohol dependence behind you so you can say socially, “I used to be an alcoholic” or “I used to have a problem with alcohol... but I found a way out.  I’m in control now.  I can have a drink when I want to, without needing to have a drink for the wrong reasons.”

    Cutting down on your alcohol consumption will also help you with better sleep, appetite, concentration and decision-making skills.

    Today can be the day when you start loving yourself and appreciating yourself for the really good and intelligent individual that you are.  It is time to take action.

    ©Antonia Harrison 2013. 
    Antonia Harrison is The Lifestyle Liberator freeing people from bad habits, addictions and fears using the powerful tools of Clinical Hypnosis and NLP.  She is located in the UK and helps clients worldwide via Skype.  Visit http://www.AntoniaHarrison.com

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    Monday, 22 April 2013

    NLP and Hypnosis for Allergies including Hayfever

    An allergy is an overreaction on the part of the immune system to things that were not necessarily dangerous in and of themselves, but that at one time your body thought they were.

    Allergies such as hayfever are traditionally treated with a strong antihistamine. The medicine is relatively effective, but it dries out the nasal passages and throat and can be very uncomfortable.  Is it possible to use our own powerful mind to treat the allergy?  Apparently, yes.

    NLP is about human excellence, about how to change limiting beliefs and attitudes to restore health and maintain happiness. 

    NLP aims to combine the three most influential factors known to influence human experience:
    1. The neurological system, responsible for body function regulation;
    2. The language system that controls how we interact and communicate with others;
    3. Our programming, which defines the models of the worlds we create in our lives.
    NLP is known for modifying many behaviours through anchoring of a positive state in the predominant V-A-K senses ie Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic.  NLP can help in situations like public speaking; a salesperson can identify a purchaser’s buying strategy to understand what would be the best approach in selling and a teacher can use NLP to help students learn in the way which is best for them individually.

    The NLP Fast Phobia Cure can remove a phobia within 15 minutes.  I know because I have used it successfully with many clients and used a combination of self-hypnosis and the NLP Fast Phobia Cure to overcome my life-long spider phobia. 

    Yes, there are many widely known applications of NLP but I want to look at a little known area:  NLP for Allergies.  This method  recodes how the person’s T-cells flag an allergen in the their immune system. Allergens that were marked out as harmful by the person’s immune system are, after the NLP allergy process, treated as they should be ie they aren’t flagged any more.

    At http://www.nlpu.com/Patterns/pattern9.htm  © 1998 by Robert Dilts we find the NLP technique for re-programming the way a person responds to an allergen which is briefly outlined:
    1.       Associate into the memory of an allergic reaction.
    2.       Establish an anchor [A1] for a dissociated state.
    3.       Establish a desired state anchor [A2] for how the explorer wants to respond.
    4.       Establish an anchor for several counterexample reference experiences [A3].
    5.       Check for any secondary gains or ecology issues regarding the allergic response.
    6.       Fire off the dissociated state anchor [A1] and have the explorer begin to imagine being near the allergen.
    7.       Fire off the anchors for the desired state [A2] and counterexample [A3] simultaneously. 
    8.       Test.

    The site goes on to say:
    “The basic NLP Allergy Technique has now been applied thousands of times in clinical and training settings and has been effective in changing a vast majority of allergy symptoms. The types of allergies have included those to airborne material, such as smoke, pollen, perfume, etc., to various foods, and even in cases involving asthma.
    In a study done in Salt Lake City (Hallbom & Smith, 1987), 32 individuals were guided through the allergy pattern for a multitude of allergies, including pollen, smoke and foods. They even treated a person who was sensitive to poison oak, which is a kind of an allergy. Out of the 30 people, all but three showed immediate reduction of their symptoms. Most of the people in the study, in fact, showed a complete suppression of the allergic reaction immediately after learning the process. A six month follow up revealed that only three of the individuals who had responded positively had any recurrence of their allergies. 
    In the Summer of 1994, a controlled clinical test of the Allergy Process was conducted with approximately 120 allergy sufferers. The study was conducted under the supervision of Dr. David Paul at a hospital in Vail, Colorado. The study showed that the Allergy Process produced significant reduction in the symptoms of many types of allergies, in particular food allergies. Details of this study are available from the Institute for Advanced Studies of Health (IASH).”

    How Does NLP Help Allergies?
    The premise of NLP suggests that allergic reactions (an immune response from the body) are directly influenced by the mind and other psychological factors. NLP works by questioning these factors and teaches the individual how to have more control over his or her body’s response to allergens.
    Medical people agree that the chronic, allergy-related diseases (asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema) can be triggered by stress, anxiety or strong emotions.

    NLP practically retrains the immune system to react less, if at all, to allergens. It aims to treat the allergy by re-educating the immune system to react passively instead of actively in response to allergens (and other foreign substances) via techniques of psychological reframing.

    Allergies can often develop in times of great change such as puberty, marriage, poor health and even parenthood. These changes can all affect us both externally and internally at a cellular level. With these changes in mind, NLP aims to help the individual identify how and when the allergy developed, and re-educates the body on how it may have acted differently. In training the imagination, NLP teaches the body what it needed to know to deal with the allergen at that crucial time of development, giving it a new point of reference for future encounters with allergens.

    The NLP allergy process was originally developed by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith. Here is the process taught by Tim Hallborn:

    Here is the experience of people who have used NLP for allergies:
    “I think the best claims are to actually try the techniques. I have seen NLP used to cure all sorts of allergies – including mine. I had horrible food allergies that completely constrained my life for 10 years. At a certain point I was willing to try anything to get over them. I did try NLP and it worked.” - Kat
    Peter N:
    "Amazing.  After years of hayfever misery, one session of NLP has freed me." 

    Cliff Westin:
    “The above (Tim Hallborn video)should cover your question about the process. As for the extraordinary evidence; for me, I had seasonal allergies relieved while learning the process. I have since used this process to alleviate pet allergies with a number of people and I have been able to alleviate lactose intolerance in one person as well.
    I agree that a large study should be conducted on this to give the general populous that don’t understand what the processes is about, the ammunition needed to make a reasonable decision. On the other side of this statement, without such a study, it’s also hard to condemn the process. 
    For those that feel this is dangerous. It is always recommended to validate the outcome of this process with a medical professional. If you have sea food allergy and you try this process, go back to the Dr. and have them run the tests again. For the love of all that is holy, don’t take anyone’s word for anything, certainly if you have a condition that could kill you.”

    Hypnosis can sometimes be applied:

    Jonathan Arthur:
    “I had a hypnosis session for the matter of dog allergies. I have been thinking whether or not this has worked. For the last two weeks I have been fostering dogs with no allergic reaction, I have concluded that my allergies to dogs have been cured! If you are skeptical of hypnosis then you should try it. If you don’t think this exists, try it for yourself. It’s not the Hypnotist doing anything, it’s how you go about in your own consciousness. It’s extremely hard to explain but if you have allergies, depression, addiction etc…… Just try a session and see if it works for you. This is not voodoo or anything like it. Try it for yourself.”

    Remember that an allergy can be the body’s way of communicating the need to take better care, slow down and return to a healthier way of living.  A disease shows that the body is at dis-ease with itself.

    Antonia Harrison is The Lifestyle Liberator freeing people from bad habits, addictions and fears using the powerful tools of Clinical Hypnosis and NLP.  She is located in the UK and helps clients worldwide via Skype.  Visit http://www.AntoniaHarrison.com

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