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The Average Student Goes Into a Hypnotic State 112 Times a Day

"The average student goes into a Hypnotic state 112 times a day."
Many people mistakenly believe that hypnosis is some weird unnatural state.  Not at all.  It is a perfectly natural altered state of consciousness which we all enter several times a day eg daydreaming, driving whilst talking or listening to the radio and being engrossed in a TV programme or film.

A stage hypnotist talks people into a hypnotic trance for entertainment purposes but the same trance state can be used for beneficial purposes in hypnotherapy, such as removing bad habits, teaching pain control or overcoming phobias.

Studying for most people is an engaging time of expanding the mind and learning new information but for some, all that reading and writing essays then cramming for exams can be stressful.  Whilst some sail through with top grades, most would benefit from less stress.  Learning self-hypnosis can be most useful in reducing stress and actually helping the mind to absorb information. 

Hypnosis is even used to aid the learning of foreign languages.  I knew of a languages school in Spain which ran an intensive Spanish programme using hypnosis to speed up retention of the language.

Rehearsing the exams situation, seeing yourself be calm and recalling the information is very beneficial.  Hypnosis is used in a similar way to improve sports performance.  Knowing how to play tennis to a high standard is one thing but mentally seeing yourself serving well and placing the ball outside of your opponent’s reach is a large part of success.  Top athletes in many sports use hypnosis to their advantage.  It is also used to motivate an improvement in performance.

Going back to exams, hypnosis is used to mentally prepare and rehearse driving tests and flying tests.  I once helped a man who had failed the test for his Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) three times.  This was costing him a great deal of money so he came to me for hypnosis and successfully flew through the exam.  Excuse the pun!

Hypnotists can work with children over the age of seven and children make very good hypnotic subjects as they are so creative and use their visual imagination well.  They love being taken for a “ride on a flying carpet” or seeing themselves “as a hero scoring the winning goal.”  As well as helping with studying and helping to cope with exam nerves, hypnosis boosts self-confidence and we can always do with a little more confidence. 

Have you thought of helping your child achieve their best results with hypnosis?

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