Monday 9 September 2013

Do Spiders Make Your Heart Pound With Fear?

The thought of spiders has always frightened me.  Even the small harmless ones.  It was no use telling me they were more afraid of me than the other way round.  As a child I even screamed at the sight of a money spider and my family had to call them “freds” because I could not even bear to hear the word “spiders”.  My father bought a boat for weekends and holidays away and spent every morning with a broom pushing the spiders into the water before I saw them. 

In my 20’s I came home one evening and found a large spider on the upright tread of a stair on the staircase as I came through my front door.  Immediately my heart started pounding.  I sat down with a large glass of wine and realized that my nearest friend was an eight miles round trip and I could not ask someone to help a damsel in distress for such a reason.  I had to pluck up courage to sweep it into a dustpan and run up the road with it, hoping it would not find its way back.  Or worse still, its brothers would come looking for it!

When I became a hypnotherapist in 1990, I dreaded someone calling me for help with a spider phobia.  I could hardly admit that I was crippled with the phobia myself.  To me it was like being treated by an obese hypnotherapist for weight loss or a smoker for smoking cessation.  I believe in “Physician, heal thyself.”

Watching my son become afraid of spiders which frequently entered our house as we lived in the woods made me decide it was time to apply self-hypnosis and the NLP Fast Phobia Cure on myself.  I did and it was not scary or unpleasant.

A couple of weeks later, I faced my old fear and had a tarantula put in my hand.  I still think they are ugly but there was no pounding heart or screaming.  Amusingly, people now call me to remove spiders.

One week later a prospective client called for help with her fear of creepy crawlies especially spiders, cockroaches and locusts as she was being sent on her dream post in Africa.  We processed the therapy and afterwards both sat down and looked at a box of spider photos.  Both of us remained calm.

I have helped people with all sorts of fears and phobias easily, in a relaxed way, usually in 1-2 sessions.  These included heights, flying, tube travel, motorway driving and the dentist.

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