Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Resist Mass Marketing Hypnosis to overspend at Christmas

£55 Million will be spent in the UK this Christmas. Without advance planning, most people pay for Christmas out of their December salary so go over budget and rely on credit. They are sucked in to the retailers’ enticing messages which are deliberately timed to make you spend more and more, even if you think you have bought all your shopping and are well organized. It really is a mass hypnosis to make us keep spending right up to the last moment when the shops shut.

Here are some hypnotic messages they spin:

Hypnotic principle #1- Scarcity- there is a limited supply and you will miss out if you are not fast enough in buying. Why do you think there is always a shortage of the most popular video games or toys? Do you really think they could not make an ample supply of Nintendo Wiis or the Dragon Fly or whatever the must-have item is?
Hypnotic principle #2- Social Proof- Long lines, stores opening at 4 a.m., everyone else will be there, will you be left behind? Early discounts are hot, you might just be a winner if you are fast enough, early enough or strong enough. (3 hour queues in some stores require mental and emotional strength).
Hypnotic principle #3- Reciprocity- If stores give you things for free or almost free, you feel obliged to do something in return. Like buy stuff.

Shopping has reached new levels of competition with stores putting you in a position of need. It is time to wise up! What looks like a bargain price is probably just a previously inflated price reduced to a normal price. They are not giving you anything - they are selling things at inflated prices that appear to be a great deal. These days, an item offered for 50% off makes you feel like the store is giving it away. But in reality, the sofa throw that is priced at £120 and marked down to £39, is not a deal! The stores buy these things in China, pay unbelievably low prices, then mark them up maybe 300-500%. That throw may have cost under £10 and that means on sale it is still at 400% markup.

Here is some sound advice to avoid a miserable January when the credit card bills arrive: FIGHT IMPULSE and here are the questions to ask yourself:
- Do I need it?
- Can I afford it?
- Can I buy it cheaper?
- Will I use it?
- Is it worth the price?
- Can I do without it?

When you shop, it is not what you need, it is what you do not need that is the problem.
If you are a compulsive shopper and need help to fight your addiction, I recommend this hypnosis Mp3 to relieve your need for compulsive shopping.

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Relieve your need for compulsive shopping quickly and easily!

At only $12.95, this really is a bargain as think how much you will save when your compulsive shopping habit is under control! You can still enjoy Christmas but buy only what you need, truly enjoy giving, knowing that your spending is under control. This hypnosis Mp3 will end your compulsive shopping. Give yourself the gift of Immunity from Mass Marketing Hypnosis.

Antonia Stuart-James is an English Hypnotherapist in Belgium helping people to make positive change.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Free Hypnosis Mp3

I have mentioned hypnosis Mp3s on this blog and on my website for a few reasons:

1. Not everyone can afford to visit a hypnotherapist privately.
2. Not everyone can find a reputable hypnotherapist within travelling distance.
3. Some people are reluctant to discuss an issue with a stranger, albeit someone caring who is there to help.
4. Some people have disability issues making it difficult to leave their home.
5. Some people are such a mess, embarrassed about their personal appearance or lacking in any self-confidence that they are too ashamed to meet others.

So, hypnosis Mp3s allow anyone, for a very reasonable price, to have therapy in the comfort of their own home at a time that is convenient to them. The Mp3 files can also be played on a CD player.

Also, some people like the reassurance of having that session available to hear again as reinforcement - or just because they enjoyed the whole relaxing session.

Even better than an affordable hypnosis Mp3 is a FREE hypnosis Mp3. This allows you to experience hypnosis, change your state of mind, change things about yourself or discover things about yourself.

Listening to a hypnosis Mp3 is the next best thing to a private consultation with a hypnotherapist. It is your time to focus on you and seek help with your problem. Your time of stress free heaven.

I remember a bath product advert in a woman's magazine which said,
"There are 168 hours in a week. Shouldn't at least one of them be for you?"


Find out more about hypnosis and your free hypnosis Mp3

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Antonia Stuart-James is an English Hypnotherapist in Belgium helping people to make positive change.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Big Brother's Jade Goody used Hypnosis for her Temper

London, 3 February 2007(ANI): Shilpa Shetty's Celebrity Big Brother tormentor Jade Goody has turned to hypnosis in a bid to get a leash on her temper.

Goody, who was evicted from the British show after her racist behaviour left audiences livid, was reportedly hypnotised during a day-long anger management course just before she went into rehab. And, it seems that hypnosis was not the only thing she received, for the disgraced reality TV star also learned meditation and breathing techniques at a clinic in Harley Street, London.

A pal said of Goody's revealed that the star had now realised how "messed up" she is in "the head", and insisted that she was working to sort out her problems.

"She is really messed up in the head. But she realises her mood swings are the reason she's got herself into so much trouble over the years," The Sun quoted the pal, as saying.

Meanwhile, Bollywood beauty and Big Brother winner Shilpa appeared on Sky TV on Friday, Feb 2, where she also had a dig at Goody, saying that she wasn't "very intelligent".

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know she wasn't very intelligent when she asked questions about Eskimos. When Jade said things, she never ever thought before she spoke," Shilpa said. (ANI)


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to treat Tinnitus

"All physical diseases including cancer, heart disease and even skin complaints have been helped with Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Several reports have concluded that psychological factors should be taken into account in the treatment and management of tinnitus(1).The power of suggestion and mental imagery is a tool all too often overlooked but it can be of help. We found one study conducted in England which concluded that over one third of tinniutus sufferers who were given hypnotherapy found it helpful. The report concluded that hypnotherapy "seemed to help them tolerate their tinnitus better, although loudness and quality were unaltered." (2)."

(1) Is tinnitus a psychological disorder? Gerber KE; Nehemkis AM; Charter RA; Jones HC Int J Psychiatry Med (UNITED STATES) 86 1985, 15 (1) p81-7 Tinnitus--incidence and handicap. Lindberg P; Lyttkens L; Melin L; Scott B Scand Audiol (SWEDEN) 1984, 13 (4) p287-91
(2) A controlled trial of hypnotherapy in tinnitus. Marks NJ; Karl H; Onisiphorou C Clin Otolaryngol (ENGLAND) Feb 1985, 10 (1) p43-6

I helped one woman in the UK who heard a different noise in each ear. By teaching her self-hypnosis, she was able to turn down the volume control of each noise and so make the condition more bearable. Learning to relax was of course hugely beneficial in itself. A hypnosis MP3 download to help cope with tinnitus is available.

Antonia Stuart-James is an English Hypnotherapist in Belgium helping people to make positive change.