Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to treat Tinnitus

"All physical diseases including cancer, heart disease and even skin complaints have been helped with Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Several reports have concluded that psychological factors should be taken into account in the treatment and management of tinnitus(1).The power of suggestion and mental imagery is a tool all too often overlooked but it can be of help. We found one study conducted in England which concluded that over one third of tinniutus sufferers who were given hypnotherapy found it helpful. The report concluded that hypnotherapy "seemed to help them tolerate their tinnitus better, although loudness and quality were unaltered." (2)."

(1) Is tinnitus a psychological disorder? Gerber KE; Nehemkis AM; Charter RA; Jones HC Int J Psychiatry Med (UNITED STATES) 86 1985, 15 (1) p81-7 Tinnitus--incidence and handicap. Lindberg P; Lyttkens L; Melin L; Scott B Scand Audiol (SWEDEN) 1984, 13 (4) p287-91
(2) A controlled trial of hypnotherapy in tinnitus. Marks NJ; Karl H; Onisiphorou C Clin Otolaryngol (ENGLAND) Feb 1985, 10 (1) p43-6

I helped one woman in the UK who heard a different noise in each ear. By teaching her self-hypnosis, she was able to turn down the volume control of each noise and so make the condition more bearable. Learning to relax was of course hugely beneficial in itself. A hypnosis MP3 download to help cope with tinnitus is available.

Antonia Stuart-James is an English Hypnotherapist in Belgium helping people to make positive change.

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