Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Ultimate Truth in Persuasion

OK, so you want to improve your persuasion power right?

Why? What's your intention?

As you know your intent directs the flow of energy in your interactions with others. So doesn't it just make sense to have in mind a really clear and strong intent before you engage in your powerful persuasion mission.

If you were to think about the person(s) you want to persuade what comes to mind in regards to the benefits they will gain from your persuasion?

Of course your 'persuasive pitch' will be received much more receptively if your intent is strongly biased to their benefits.

So stepping into their shoes what benefits can you perceive from their angle and looking at the situation as if you were watching a movie what other ideas come to mind?

Having some idea of what the other person(s) want and keeping that positive intention nice and strong in mind when interacting with the person(s) will automatically create a 'good vibe' between you, thus creating that well known
fundamental persuasion skill - Rapport!

Now in your interaction with the other party you would increase your persuasion parlance greatly by asking well focused questions. Basically you want to ask questions that get the other person to open up so that you can discover one
of the very powerful motivators-to-action in humans known as 'values.'

This is another aspect of the very fascinating way in which the human mind works because you find yourself becoming increasingly curious about people's values as your
persuasion power increases, doesn't it.

Now an important point to remember in this curious adventure is when you have got them talking: You Shut Up! AND Listen!

Isn't that cool, you just sit there and listen as they give you loads of high quality information that you can then use to powerfully persuade and guide them!

By paying attention you will notice that people use certain words which have a lot of emotional value for them personally. You could call these words their personal trance words.

Let me give you an example to clarify what we are talking about. Let's say you are helping someone make a change in their life. Now presuming the person has asked you to help them you can make the change process happen even more smoothly by asking them certain questions. So during conversation with this person you could ask them,
"Why exactly do you want to make this change?" And, "What would having made this change, give you?" And also you could ask, "Why is that important to you?"

As you ask these questions you will notice that they have to access deeper parts of their minds. So by paying attention and listening carefully you will discover some of their personal trance words.

Some possible examples of their personal trance words might be: inner peace, better energy, assertiveness. Keep in mind the important fact that these words could have a deep and powerful feeling associated with them in their internal experience.

Now what do you suppose would happen if you were to then describe and incorporate those wonderful personal trance words into your persuasive change 'pitch'?

That's right, they would be much more likely to go along with your persuasive intervention because you are using words which stimulate powerful feelings inside them for the changes that they really want!

So just what is 'the ultimate truth in persuasion'? Well the fact is in the art of persuasion, or indeed anything, there are many ways of doing things, many perspectives, techniques, methods and tools. The point being, by using it
and paying attention to feedback, will it get you the results you want?

Author Bio:
Colin G Smith is a licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of 'The NLP ToolBox', a personal development book that enables the reader to master any area of their life with amazing speed. Complete information on Colin G Smith's books are available at his website, including a FREE personal development eBook.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Quantum NLP

Quantum NLP is the art and science of Human Excellence. New scientific discoveries show us clearly that we are creating our reality through the use of our language. By teaching ourselves more effective language patterns, our brain automatically forms new neurological pathways which naturally lead to new behaviors and habits.

Christiane Turner, who has been perfecting her skills for two decades, is quickly becoming a worldwide thought leader in the cutting edge field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and has taken it to the next level. With her beautiful voice and European accent she invites you to join her on a magical journey into the realm of possibility and change as she teaches you to:

- Manifest your dreams through effective goal setting
- Create internal alignment and congruence
- Deal with your fears
- Heal your past
- Create your own success story
- Support your goals through behavioural skill building
- Embark on your own visionary journey
- Become a Master of Manifestation

Click here to download the Quantum NLP Thought Into Manifestation audio book. You can listen to an audio sample on the site before proceeding to purchase so you will know exactly what to expect.

Overcome MRI Scan Anxiety with Hypnosis

I just received notification that someone downloaded a hypnosis Mp3 to Overcome MRI Scan Anxiety.

As someone who needs a head MRI Scan annually due to earlier brain tumours, I know all about that anxiety. I do not generally suffer from claustrophobia but lying down, putting my head into a fixed cradle then going backwards into a machine from which I cannot see anything further than a couple of inches in front of my eyes and lying completely still for 20 minutes while listening to whirring, banging and other noises is more than I could cope with. I once travelled a five hours round trip for a MRI Scan but screamed and burst into tears when the operator pressed the button for me to enter the scanning tube. I just could not go through with the scan, even though it is vital to check on possible life-threatening tumours. Rationally I know I am perfectly safe but phobias and anxiety stem from irrational fears.

When I lived in Spain, the alternative was to pay 500 € to use an open MRI machine in which my head was still in a cradle but I could see above and around me. No such machine exists in Belgium so when I moved here in 2006, it was a real problem for me.

I used hypnosis to overcome the anxiety of the MRI Scan and it worked. I could not overcome the anxiety by myself with self-hypnosis so needed to pay another hypnotherapist to help me. Fortunately, there is now a download hypnosis Mp3 specifically to overcome MRI Scan anxiety which costs just $12.95 and can be downloaded in minutes.

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Let The Law of Attraction and Hypnosis Allow You to Achieve Your Health Goals

The Law of Attraction is a concept which has been around for many years and applied in collaboration with many different actions and events in life. It is the concept of controlling certain aspects of your life with the power of your mind. The Law of Attraction has always been a very controversial topic with many believers and just as many non-believers. It can be quite simple to test the Law of Attraction and see for yourself if your dominant thoughts find a way to manifest in your life and everyday events.

Using the Law of Attraction to bring health and a more natural side of life into your everyday routine is something more and more people are interested in. Many people find it so difficult to stay on a healthy path with so many fad diets, fast food restaurants and junk food for sale everywhere you go. Using the Law of Attraction in your everyday life can significantly help you when it comes to your health goals. First, you must understand that it is your full and honest belief in this system which provides the results you are looking for. If you have doubts or are not sure about the Law of Attraction then you cannot expect results.

To fully understand the Law of Attraction it is important to think of everyone and everything in the universe as energy that has manifested into a certain shape. Learning how to control this vibrating energy, yourself and your consciousness is the key to the Law of Attraction. So if everything is energy, and we control the
vibrations of our energy then it is entirely possible to control the vibrations we wish to have and only those vibrations. Let's look at three important steps to follow in order to use the Law of Attraction to bring health into your life.

1.) Identify specifically what you want - meaning what does good health mean to you? Do you want to lose weight, survive cancer, live a long and vital life... the list can go on and on.

2.) Focus on your desired result - it does not matter how you get to the end result, simply focus on your end result, not the journey to get there.

3.) Take action - take part in whatever type of actions inspire you
in relation to your end result of good health. Visiting holistic doctors, exercising, eating healthy, supplementing and more. Anything!

The Law of Attraction has the power to take you down the road of good health and keep you there. All you have to do is keep your thoughts on the end result and act as you are inspired to act. Good health is something that is faster and faster becoming scarce in our world and if the Law of Attraction can help with that, we
should definitely let it!

Source: "Bring Health in your Life with the Law of Attraction" by Health Advocate Frank Mangano

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Self driven methods of hypnosis are extremely effective in making lasting changes. Would YOU like help with making this powerful change and living the life you deserve right NOW?

I know from my work as a hypnotherapist that all change takes place in the unconscious. Consciously we know why and what we want to change but the how is often a mystery. Allow the power of your own unconscious mind to effect the change you so badly want. The easiest way is to download hypnosis Mp3 to remind you of the passion and determination you naturally have to move forward with your goals quickly and easily.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Brand New Paralinear Hypnotherapy Recordings

Over the years, many scientific articles have demonstrated the power of accessing both hemispheres of the brain. By this I mean having one message go in one ear and another message, at the same time, go in the other ear. This is nothing new.

Imagine how powerful it would be to have those messages alternate between the right and left ears. What if you could have one message in one ear, another in the other ear and then have them continue to switch back and forth? This would be very powerful, since both positive messages would be delivered to both sides of the brain. This would mean that whether you were a more left-brain or more right-brain person, it wouldn't matter! You would get the same messages delivered to both hemispheres. In a sense, the powerful messages for change would saturate your brain
with their positive, life-changing effects.

After months of research and hard work in the studio, the Paralinear recordings are available.

They use Daytime Affirmation Recordings with some absolutely amazing effects! I
am sure you will enjoy the state-of-the-art technology used in these recordings.

- One of the scripts is either Unlimited Motivation, Unlimited Confidence, Abundance (Using the Law of Attraction), Relaxation or Focus/Concentration
- The other script is the title of the recording (220+ subjects)
- The scripts go back and forth switching between the left and the right channel (or ear or speaker)

Find out about this monumental contribution to the world of clinical hypnotherapy today by visiting this site. Scroll down the left hand toolbar till you find "Paralinear recordings".

Take your life to the next level!

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Monday, 14 July 2008

Hypnosis MP3 Download - Super 7 Sale Today

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hypnosis MP3 Download - Super 7 Sale Today

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