Monday, 21 July 2008

Overcome MRI Scan Anxiety with Hypnosis

I just received notification that someone downloaded a hypnosis Mp3 to Overcome MRI Scan Anxiety.

As someone who needs a head MRI Scan annually due to earlier brain tumours, I know all about that anxiety. I do not generally suffer from claustrophobia but lying down, putting my head into a fixed cradle then going backwards into a machine from which I cannot see anything further than a couple of inches in front of my eyes and lying completely still for 20 minutes while listening to whirring, banging and other noises is more than I could cope with. I once travelled a five hours round trip for a MRI Scan but screamed and burst into tears when the operator pressed the button for me to enter the scanning tube. I just could not go through with the scan, even though it is vital to check on possible life-threatening tumours. Rationally I know I am perfectly safe but phobias and anxiety stem from irrational fears.

When I lived in Spain, the alternative was to pay 500 € to use an open MRI machine in which my head was still in a cradle but I could see above and around me. No such machine exists in Belgium so when I moved here in 2006, it was a real problem for me.

I used hypnosis to overcome the anxiety of the MRI Scan and it worked. I could not overcome the anxiety by myself with self-hypnosis so needed to pay another hypnotherapist to help me. Fortunately, there is now a download hypnosis Mp3 specifically to overcome MRI Scan anxiety which costs just $12.95 and can be downloaded in minutes.

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Anonymous said...

I am a practicing hypnotherapist based in Bristol, UK. I think it is wonderful how hypnotherapy helps people every day in so many areas and this is another example. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions phobias, stress & anxiety disorders,depression etc. Technology is really making it easier now days to get access to quality treatment. $12.95 sure beats €500!

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes generalized fear will turn into a full on social phobia which is a much more severe form of the condition that has now become a psychiatric disorder. The signs here in addition to the extreme self consciousness are severe fear and anxiety to go with it.