Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hypnosis MP3 Download - Super 7 Sale Today

I want to provide you with the help you need at a reasonable price.

Do you want to control an addiction or fear, unwanted habit, improve a sport, perform better in the work environment or socially, have success with dating? The list goes on. Is today the day you choose to make the decision to change?

If so, today I'm presenting you with The Super 7 Sale, an amazing offer on download hypnosis MP3. Here's how it works. Order ANYTHING on this website (at a 50% discount!) between NOW and Midnight tonight and they will give you the following hypnosis mp3 download recordings FREE. (You will be able to choose one title from each category):

- 1 Diamond recording (a $99.95 value!)
- 1 Platinum recording (a $79.95 value!)
- 1 Gold recording (a $29.95 value!)
- 1 Daytime Affirmation recording (a $19.95 value!)
- 1 Binary Daytime Affirmation (a $19.95 value!)
- 1 Subliminal recording (a $19.95 value!)
- 1 Omniliminal recording (a $19.95 value!)

This is a whopping $289.65 Value - Yours when you purchase
anything on this website today.

This offer is NOT advertised anywhere on the website. Go ahead,look for yourself. This means the general public doesn't know about it. Please, keep it to yourself.

After you make your purchase, simply reply to this e-mail with your receipt # and they will send you a link to a form where you can claim your 7 Free downloads.

Enjoy the recordings and the new YOU!

I want you to be successful.

Antonia Harrison English Hypnotherapist in Belgium and Hypnotherapy for Positive Change

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