Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How Talking About Tomato Plants Helped a Cancer Sufferer With His Pain

The legendary Milton Erickson is considered the Father of modern hypnosis.  He was a master of using stories in therapeutic sessions and this approach is now called "Ericksonian Hypnosis".     But none of these stories were as compelling as his famous "tomato plant induction." 

    Years ago, Dr. Erickson was asked by a family of a cancer patient to ease his unbearable pain  Like most cancer patients, he was highly medicated, yet the pain was uncontrollable. 

    Erickson found out the man was a florist. So he decided to talk about the plants that Erickson was most 
familiar with -- tomato plants   Dr. Erickson spent hours talking about tomato plants with the man.   He talked about how they grew, flowered and how to produce superior tomatoes. 

    Of course Erickson was weaving messages of hope, comfort, healing and growth as he spoke of tomato plants... 

    As the man's family listened in the adjoining room, they became most impatient and angry!    When was the famous Dr. Erickson going to start using hypnosis to ease his pain? 

    Finally...they decided enough was enough.     So they marched into the room containing Erickson and the patient 
to demand he start treating their relative right away.    But as they entered the room, they realized their beloved family member was in a beautiful, deep trance  So deep... he did not even notice a throng of family members pile into the room! 

    After these "tomato talk" sessions the man's condition improved DRASTICALLY. 

    What is the lesson you can draw from this seemingly unconventional approach? 

    You can weave ideas, suggestions, even outright directions on ANY theme within the context of ANY story. 

    (Even tomatoes!) 

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