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You Can Control Your Alcohol Consumption With Hypnosis

For confirmed alcoholics, total abstinence from alcohol may be the only option.  However, for many, controlled drinking or moderated drinking may be the goal.  I would be happy to work with you and help you become sober and in control of your drinking.

A client in Belgium once told me he wanted to be able to drink a couple of Belgian beers and enjoy them rather than drink five or six and wake up in a pool of vomit with a hangover. 

Of course, alcohol is easily available, relatively cheap and portrayed as part of adult socializing.  For most people, alcohol moderation is not an issue.  They can enjoy a drink or two and know when to stop. 

I want to help the people who have crossed the line or are concerned that they may be about to.  Most alcoholics or people with uncontrolled drinking are normal everyday functioning people, often with professional and family responsibilities.  It may be your neighbour, colleague or relative and you don’t even realize.

Alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver, heart failure, depression, anxiety and damage to the brain and nervous system. It is really not worth it.

For Muslims, drinking alcohol is forbidden because they know that it alters your state, the real uninhibited person appears who may behave in a rude, violent or aggressive way when alcohol is in control.  Some people become very emotional and some pass out, vomiting.  The contraceptive pill is not effective for the rest of the month if a woman has vomited which is how some unwanted pregnancies occur.

I combine advanced hypnosis with NLP and Timeline to change the faulty mental conditioning and boost your willpower. When your “childish” unconscious mind knows that this uncontrolled habit is not helping you but doing you harm, it will adopt change like switching on a lightbulb.  Cravings disappear, your willpower is strengthened and you find new alternative behaviours to replace that automatic reaching for a bottle (or can).  Your self-confidence and self-esteem probably need a boost.  Certainly your self-respect.

You don’t need alcohol to be an emotional crutch.  If there are reasons for your drinking, relaxation techniques will help us to access the root cause for the addiction in your unconscious mind so that we can deal with them.  You may be facing an emotional problem and hiding from it rather than dealing with the consequences.  Life throws us bad situations and stressful circumstances but it is not what happens so much as how we respond that matters.  I change the story about “needing a drink to cope” to more positive feelings about yourself.  Whereas drinking used to be for escape, we replace that running away with confidence, strength and self-control.

Together we create better coping strategies and attitudes towards alcohol.  It is not your friend, any more than a cigarette is a friend.  They are both harmful, addictive drugs.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, standing up and saying, “My name is xxx.  I’m an alcoholic.”  Hypnotherapy can help you to put alcohol dependence behind you so you can say socially, “I used to be an alcoholic” or “I used to have a problem with alcohol... but I found a way out.  I’m in control now.  I can have a drink when I want to, without needing to have a drink for the wrong reasons.”

Cutting down on your alcohol consumption will also help you with better sleep, appetite, concentration and decision-making skills.

Today can be the day when you start loving yourself and appreciating yourself for the really good and intelligent individual that you are.  It is time to take action.

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