Thursday, 8 November 2007

Treating Facial Tics with Hypnosis

Facial tics can be most annoying, both for the person and anyone looking at them. They can include involuntary muscle twitching, often around the eyes (squinting is a common symptom as is blinking), wrinkling the nose, twitching around the corners of the mouth, grimacing of the entire face, throat clearing and also involuntary grunting. Tourette's Syndrome is a more severe tic, often involving involuntary swearing.

Tics can be caused by some nutritional deficiencies like a lack of magnesium, but they can also very often be symptoms of other conditions such as Tourette syndrome, whose causes are thought to be neurological, and, to a certain extent, genetically inherited. Stress and anxiety have also been proven to provoke and considerably increase the frequency of facial tics.

Any facial tic is an unconscious act that is often made worse by anxiety or stress and because it is an unconscious, involuntary act, the best way to deal with it is with hypnotherapy, which accesses the healing power of your unconscious mind to simply switch the problem off. We do not just treat the anxiety or stress, though…

Physiological problems such as this often respond well to hypnosis, especially in conjunction with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Responses such as excessive blushing, or excessive sweating can be substantially diminished using these techniques and facial twitching often responds in the same kind of way to this combination of techniques and approaches.

Facial tics are a way to relieve pressure when you are anxious or are facing a stressful environment. This unconscious association may be cured using hypnosis and NLP, since they make it possible to alter the kind of behavior your unconscious triggers when facing certain situations. If acute, the therapist will get rid of the facial tic by, for example, suggesting the unconscious make you move your toe instead. When the toe twitches it is not visible or apparent to other people. Hypnosis also makes you become much more relaxed overall, so it is a pleasant experience. It will help you eliminate both the anxiety and stress that aggravate facial tics.

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