Thursday, 6 March 2008

Fast Phobia Cure: Get Results Within 10 Minutes

Even now that fact is hard for many people to accept! The truth is though, the Fast Phobia Cure has now been in existence for over twenty years and has been used successfully on 100's of thousands of people.

From simple Poodle Phobias to more extreme cases such as Vietnam war survivors with horrific traumatic memories. Gone are the months of psychotherapy, reliving pain and spending loads of your hard earned cash.

I suspect you've probably heard of NLP by now. To keep it simple NLP is a technology that enables people to model human excellence. The original co-creators of NLP, Bandler & Grinder created the Fast Phobia Cure by modelling people who had had phobias and gotten rid of them. NLP states that, "What one person can do, another person can learn to do the same": Modelling.

So Bandler & Grinder asked these people specific questions to discover what went on in their heads and created the Fast Phobia Cure technique. The first part of the process involves disassociation. That is, you see yourself in the phobic situation
as if on a movie screen. Just this one step is very useful because it allows you to have feelings about the feelings: Meta Feelings. This enables you to gain useful insights and access more resources.

The next part of the process involves re-organising the structure of the phobic response: The anchored associations and triggers that make you have the phobic response. The way this is achieved is by imagining the movie being rewound, so you experience everything backwards. This is done very fast utilising the Half Second Rule.

Doing this process scrambles the phobic associations and re-organises your brains synapses so that you learn to have new responses. The entire technique can be learned and applied in less than 10 minutes.

Classically the technique is known as the Fast Phobia Cure, however I prefer to call it the Anxiety Removal Machine because it can be used to successfully remove anxious feelings associated with future events and not just phobias.

I believe many more people need to know about this amazing technique along with other rapid change techniques that utilise the Half Second Rule. There are many people suffering in the world who would be very pleased to learn about techniques that can 'fix them' within 10 minutes!

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Author Bio:
Colin G Smith is a licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of 'The NLP ToolBox', a personal development book that enables the reader to master any area of their life with amazing speed. Complete information on Colin G Smith's books are available at his website, including a FREE personal development Course.

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Antonia Stuart-James from Hypnotherapy for Positive Change and English Hypnotherapist in Belgium

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