Monday, 24 November 2008

Stop Nail Biting with Hypnosis

Nail biting is an unattractive habit at any age and for both sexes. Some people have such a bad habit that they bite down beyond the quick causing bleeding and discomfort. It is also most unhygienic for someone to keep putting their fingers in their mouth transferring germs from the outside. Long-term, nail-biting causes stunted nails and poor nail growth. The habit often starts in childhood and carries on into adulthood, especially for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety.

Nail-biting is a habit which can easily be stopped with hypnotherapy. Hypnotic trance is a perfectly natural and safe form of deep physical and mental relaxation in which positive suggestions are fed to the unconscious mind which is controlling the habit and causing the person to keep nail biting. By changing the suggestions in a relaxing way, the person stops nail biting without difficulty. The negative habit can also be replaced with a more positive habit eg one finger gently stroking the other hand.

There are three main approaches:

1. To have the person visualize their new long, healthy nails and for that image to be so powerful that the conscious desire to show off the attractive nails is stronger than the unconscious need which is causing the nail-biting habit.

2. To 'shock the person into stopping nail-biting using aversion therapy. This suggestion has been used successfully in this way:
"I want you to listen to exactly what I say. In a few moments ... I will ask you ... to put your finger in your mouth ... just as you do ... when you are biting your nails. As soon as you put your finger in your mouth ... it will taste so bitter ... and vile ... sickeningly vile ... that you will IMMEDIATELY remove your finger ... from your mouth. Whenever you put your finger ... into your mouth ... with the intention of biting your nails ... you will experience this same feeling. Now put your finger into your mouth. Notice how sickening it tastes ... notice just how vile ... and nauseating it tastes. You just have to take your finger from out of your mouth now! Remember ... if you should ever put your finger in your mouth again ... with the intention of ... biting your nails ... it will always taste so sickeningly vile ... and nauseating ... that you will immediately remove it ... and you will never bite your nails again!"

3. Another technique is using the NLP approach of parts integration ie asking one part of the unconscious mind to help the other.

In all treatments, reinforcing the visualization of feeling pride at seeing long, healthy and attractive nails in the future is beneficial.

It is now possible to download hypnosis MP3 files to help with over 400 unwanted habits, health problems, phobias, sexual problems and many areas of self-improvement.

Go here for a download a mp3 hypnosis file to stop nail biting.

Professional hypnotherapists can also download a hypnosis script for nail biting.

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