Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hypnotherapy Can Help Adolescents Cope

Too many young people lack the self-esteem needed to make a positive start in the adult world. Young people withdraw into their own world of adolescence dominated by friends, music and often sexual promiscuity and drugs. Parents and teachers demand respect but fail to reciprocate in a way that young people appreciate. Adults give one verbal message but act in a contradictory way. It is often a case of “Do as I say not as I do” yet we wonder why the adolescents are confused and rebel.

Physical and hormonal changes are taking place in their body sometimes causing embarrassment such as acne, sudden breast growth, voice change and through all this sudden change, they are seeking their identity. No longer a child but not yet an adult. Who are they?

We can deal with them not as unformed, uncertain adolescents but as individuals of unlimited potential, people with greatness within them. Respect their gifts and individuality and they will come to respect themselves.

Bombarded with academic information, they wonder what relevance this has in the real world. Subjects can be boring or stimulating depending on the teacher’s skills and ability to connect with the students in their model of the world. In a world of social media such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter, SMS’s, internet surfing, TV zapping, they connect with the world of NOW so why study Latin or Literature? Often they are unable to write complete sentences as they are used to the SMS language of abbreviations. Why write when you can type? Then there are seemingly non-stop exams and all that stress. For what purpose? To graduate from university with a large debt and difficulty in finding employment? Or minimal job prospects from inadequate training?

Yes, adolescence is a difficult time especially if we force our young people to conform and fit in with our world. Instead of alienating them and losing vital contact during a period when our influence can still be beneficial, we can help them quickly through personalized hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural form of therapy which works direct with the unconscious mind, or subconscious, where all change and learning takes place with the least resistance. Primarily known as a way of stopping smoking in one session, a competent hypnotherapist can help young people in many ways eg:

- Improving self-esteem
- Improving confidence
- Improving self-respect
- Dealing with addictions eg drugs, cannabis, even excessive online surfing
- Nail-biting, thumb-sucking, hair pulling or blushing
- Self-harm eg cutting
- Eating disorders
- Weight control
- Nervous twitches, stuttering
- Acne, eczema, warts
- Excessive sweating
- Exam nerves
- Concentration & motivation
- Stress
- “School-itis” ie aversion to school
- Learning languages
- Improved memory
- Dating confidence
- Fears/phobias
- Obsessive & compulsive thoughts
- Depression
- Coping with divorce, new families & sexual abuse
- Shyness
- Public speaking & leadership
- Driving test nerves
- Certain health problems, pain control
- Coping with cancer & chemotherapy
- Dyslexia
- Sports improvement

All of these problems have been successfully solved or helped by hypnotherapy all over the world, often in a couple or a few sessions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming employs language to re-programme the mind aimed at finding solutions and empowered resourceful states.

Life coaching can help for a specific project, time period or ongoing challenge.

©Antonia Harrison 2009, the English Hypnotherapist in Belgium offering personalized hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming in Limburg, Brussels and Antwerp. Life coaching is also conducted over the telephone worldwide. She is available for presentations to groups and private or corporate training.

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