Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Leona Lewis Turns to Hypnosis to Boost Self-Confidence

Leona Lewis, winner of X-factor, is using hypnotherapy to banish her stage nerves before going on a 14-months tour. Simon Cowell arranged the therapy with Paul McKenna.

A source said: “Seeing as Leona is on the path to becoming a global touring powerhouse, no corners will be cut. She already has bags more poise and confidence than she used to but she’s a natural born worrier. Bosses at Syco (Cowell's music management company) want to make sure her performance is as perfect and polished as an artist who has been around for years.”

Many celebrities have successfully worked with hypnotherapists. Recently former Spice Girl, Mel B, used hypnosis to calm her nerves before doing her Las Vegas burlesque show and Eva Mendes overcame her fear of spiders through hypnotherapy so Leona is in very good company.

Source: Breaking News 27 July 2009

I treated a lady opera singer for stage fright or stage nerves. Many of her contemporaries used beta blockers to calm their nerves but she wanted to take control naturally so I taught her self-hypnosis as well as boosting her self-confidence.

Hypnosis can also help people with one of life's greatest fears: public speaking, along with all the associated problems like blushing, sweaty hands, excessive sweating, nervous twitches, nail biting, even stress incontinence.

By working direct with the unconscious mind, hypnosis works to strengthen the ego and create a new reality as this part of the mind knows no difference between reality and imagined. Reprogramming works quickly and effectively. Anyone above the age of seven with an IQ over 70 can successfully be helped by hypnosis.

Antonia Harrison is the English Hypnotherapist in Belgium and recommends Download Hypnosis Mp3s for immediate access to positive life-changing hypnosis sessions.

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