Monday, 11 July 2011

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Group Session in Brussels

You know all the reasons why you want to stop smoking and yet, willpower alone has not been enough. Here are some reasons why people want to stop:

- smoking is affecting your health and energy;
- reduced stamina for sports and activity;
- it prematurely ages your skin;
- the stale smell of smoke on your hair, skin and clothes;
- you don´t want your children to become smokers;
- the money you are literally burning away.

Maybe you have tried to stop but need help.

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little."
'New Scientist' vol. 136 issue 1845 page 6

Nicotine patches and gum keep you addicted to nicotine. Do you want to be addicted to a drug?

95% of my stop smoking clients find they can stop smoking in just one session....and stay stopped.

If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, that is roughly 1.800 € per year NET INCOME or 3.000 € per year GROSS/BRUTO.

A private session of hypnosis to stop smoking normally costs 200 € in Limburg or 350 € in Brussels.

You can join this group session for an amazing 100 €

(All fees include 21% VAT/BTW and invoices are available on request.)

Send your booking to:
and payment to BE 19 9730 0127 8212 with mention:
GROUP HYPNOSIS 25 JULY - (your name)

Here is what one very satisfied client said:

"I was relaxed but consciously aware of my surroundings so I found it hard to believe that hypnosis would work after just one session. But I was very impressed. I thought it would be difficult but I found it relatively easy to stop smoking. I am not troubled by other people's smoking. I used to enjoy smoking but now I enjoy not smoking. I quickly found I can breathe more deeply and have noticed two other health improvements. After four weeks, I am still a motivated non-smoker." - James Benn, Brussels.

I want to help you become a healthy non-smoker. Join us.

Antonia Harrison
English Hypnotherapist Belgium
0497 550813

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