Thursday, 26 November 2009

Complete NLP and Hypnosis Resources Set on Special Offer

Jamie Smart of SALAD is a very talented Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner who has produced an extensive range of resource materials over the years. Today he is offering the "Big Box" entire collection of all his resources for an amazing price.

Find out about the SALAD Big Box

People read the NLP Tips, Play with the card decks, Listen to the Audios, Watch the DVDs and become real masters of language, NLP, Hypnosis, Wellbeing and Wealth Mindsets, able to make a difference to thousands of people themselves every year.

This is the ultimate resource and for a limited time you can now purchase all of our products in one bundle and save over £1600!

Here's what you’ll get...

1.The Secrets of Hypnosis DVD Video Set

2.The NLP Belief-Busting Sleight-of-Mouth Mastery 6 DVD Set

3.Better Coaching Skills with NLP CD Set

4.Conversational Belief Change using Sleight of Mouth DVD

5.Ethical Influence with NLP CD Set

6.How To Stop Worrying & Grow Your Business CD Set

7.Live The Life You Desire CD Set

8.NLP Techniques Masterclass CD Set

9.NLP Techniques Masterclass DVD Set

10.The Secrets of Hypnosis CD Set

11.The Hypnotic Language Masterclass CD Set

12.The Language of Influence CD Set

13.6 Card Deck Bundle

14.Metaphorically Speaking CD Set

15.NLP for Business & Personal Success 6 CD Set

16.Practical Intuition 6 CD set

17.Bare Knuckle Selling Book by Simon Hazeldine

18.Instant Happiness CD

19.Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked CD

20.Instant Wealth Unpacked CD

21.NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked CD

22.Bare Knuckle Customer Service Book by Simon Hazeldine

23.Bare Knuckle Negotiating Book by Simon Hazeldine

24.Special Salad VIP Bonus LIVE Event Priority Ticket - Worth £97

Purchasers will be in a special group with whom Jamie will be sharing his deepest insights with over the next year at no extra charge.

Find out about the SALAD Big Box

On the site, you will find a detailed inventory of every item included listing all the subjects covered. This really is an incredible NLP and hypnosis resource. Click on this link SALAD Big Box">,realize how useful this set will be and order NOW.

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