Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Modelling 10 Top NLP Masters

If you could get the top 10 NLP trainers in the world today and ask them any question, what would you ask?

I wanted to let you know about a great NEW product that has just been released.

10 of the best NLP Master Trainers including Dr Richard Bandler have been interviewed by Tom and Vik. (Tom is an NLP Trainer and Vik an NLP Master Practitioner). These 10 Masters are:

Richard Bandler – Genius and Co-founder of NLP
Michael Breen - Founder of the NLP Business Practitioner
Michael Neill – Success Coach To Celebrities
Brian Colbert – The Chemist of Consciousness
John La Valle - Persuasion Engineer Extraordinaire
Gabriel Guerrero - Therapeutic Wizard
Dr Joseph Riggio PhD – Architect of the MythoSelf® Process
Owen Fitzpatrick – The Worlds Youngest Master Trainer
Barbara Stepp - Premier Coach and Healing Hypnotist
Mark Hayley - Experimental Hypnotist and Apprentice

To read what they have to offer and how successful they have been in using NLP, just click here to see 'Modelling the Masters'.

Below is an example of some of the questions they asked them:
- What exactly did you do to get so good at NLP?
- How did you get your first clients?
- Where do you see the opportunities in NLP to make money?
- What do you believe about creating lasting change?

And many more questions.

I don't think that that there is any other product like this around. Just asking the different trainers views on these questions would be an invaluable resource to anyone interested in NLP.

Just one idea from these interviews could change the way you think about NLP forever.

Tom and Vik currently have a discounted launch price for this product which they have called 'Modeling the Masters'. The discounted launch price will only last for a limited time period.

So make sure you go to their site 'Modeling the Masters' now. They also have some sample clips from the interviews that you can listen to today.

Have a look at their website, they have managed to line up some fantastic trainers.

Remember the discounted price is only there for a short period.

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