Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Professional Hypnotherapy Scripts for Download

For anyone in professional hypnotherapy practice, I strongly recommend the Hypnotic World professional scripts which are available to download for a monthly fee of just US$ 12.99. This gives you access to an unlimited number of script downloads.

Having access to a source of hypnotherapy scripts online is always useful for any hypnotherapist, even after years and years in practice, because people present with new problems all the time.

I find the Hypnotic World 600+ Hypnosis Scripts Subscription service on Hypnotic World to be invaluable. Hypnotic World's subscription service enables users to access 600+ scripts, MP3s and information on hypnosis and hypnotherapists. They add new scripts monthly and there are even some scripts in other languages.

Another benefit is that subscribers can list their own therapy practice on the site for free as long as they continue to be subscribers.

New scripts added in December 2009:
* Psychic Phone Line Addiction: This surprisingly common, under-reported and potentially destructive habit can now be treated with Hypnotic World's newest script.

* Deep Relaxation (Updated)

* Fear of Wind: often results from negative programming during the formative years or an unpleasant experience involving strong winds, therefore it is particularly helpful to use regression to go back to the source of the problem and re-evaluate it.

* Fear of Choking: written for a child who has trouble eat foods as a result of a previous unpleasant experience.

* Automatic Writing: Automatic Writing used to be a subject shrouded in mystery which conjured up images of 19th century mediums, however many respected hypnotherapists, including Estabrooks and Erickson, have described how Automatic Writing can help people to tap into their unconscious knowledge. A new script, published by Hypnotic World empowers your clients to do just this.

* Fear of Crowds: This fear is very real for people suffering with the symptoms of feeling that their personal space is being invaded.

* Ten Pin Bowling Confidence:This excellent script will help anyone who engages in competitive Ten Pin Bowling but feels nervous when performing in a pressurized situation. It could be adapted for golfing enthusiasts and is an ideal resource addition to therapists working in the sport improvement field.

* Coping with Medication Side Effects:This script was written for a member suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder who found that the medication was having unwanted side effects. Whilst not wanting to stop the medication they wanted to be able to cope better with the effects.

* Fear of Spiders' Webs:We're sure that not many people actually enjoy the feeling of walking into a cobweb and having that sticky stuff all over our face - however most of us can cope with it and don't actually go on to developing a fear. However there are those that do - and believe it or not this can be an overwhelming problem in their life.

Click Hypnotic World 600+ Hypnosis Scripts Subscription to subscribe to Hypnotic World scripts service.

Single Hypnosis Scripts are also available for download.

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