Friday, 24 January 2014

The Power of What If

At age 32 a penniless man decided to conduct an odd experiment. The experiment was about what he could do on behalf of humanity. At the start of the experiment a lot of things were stacked against him... He had already been expelled from Harvard twice. He had no money, was bankrupt and unemployed. He had a wife and young baby to support and he'd been hitting the booze pretty hard too. He was what you might call a "nobody". His prospects didn't look promising. He experienced a profound incident which would provide direction and purpose for his life. He felt as though he was suspended several feet above the ground enclosed in a white sphere of light. A voice spoke directly to him, and declared,
"From now on you need never await temporal attestation to your thought. You think the truth. You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others."
The man stated that this experience led to a profound re-examination of his life. He ultimately chose to embark on "an experiment, to find what a single individual could contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity." But he decided to pursue his self-hypnosis experiment anyway. He wanted to know:

"What could a person do to change the world?"

Whenever he came up against a limiting thought, a feeling of impossible or an outside obstacle, he'd ask, "What if?"

What happened? Well...Mr "Nobody's" life turned out rather interesting. He became an architect, an inventor, a author (he wrote 28 books) and a great leader of men. He received 44 honorary degrees, registered 25 U.S. patents and, through it all (from the launch of his experiment) he literally changed the way humans see themselves and their world.

Mr "Nobody's" name? The great Buckminster Fuller. Just goes to show the power of asking: "What if?"

Just imagine how far you could go, how high you could rise in the world, if you continually asked "What if?". And what if you started TODAY?

Hypnosis can work with the power of your own subconscious mind to achieve whatever you want to change, overcome, improve or see happen in your life. Too many people shy away from hypnosis because they believe false myths. You can find out the facts with my free e-book "21 Myths and 30 Truths About Hypnosis" available from

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