Wednesday, 5 February 2014

One Year Diploma Course in Mesmerism Starts Soon

James Pool will be starting the unique ‘One-Year Diploma Course in Mesmerism’ with some live webinars taking place before the 5-day training in June. James has produced a short video regarding one of the healing aspects of Mesmerism that sets it apart from hypnosis in treating pain. You can watch the video here:

The year-long course will explore all aspects of Mesmerism including academic background reading and regular practical assignments. Some people have asked why they should study mesmerism and James Pool explains why:

"Mesmerism was abandoned for political and theoretical reasons not because it didn't work. Doctors went over to hypnotism because it's theory sounded more 'scientific'. However, a modern study of mesmerism has shown that mesmerism produces a deeper trance than hypnotism and a richer trance experience for the client.

Other modern studies have shown that mesmerism has a positive effect on the body's energy field in a way that hypnotism does not. There is over a hundred and fifty years of research into mesmerism that shows it was more effective in treating certain illnesses like arthritis and back pain than hypnotism.

This is a unique opportunity for hypnotherapists to dramatically improve their success rate and treat new illnesses by studying mesmerism. Mesmerism is both a bio-energy therapy and trance therapy thus it gives you another dimension to your practice. Mesmerism influences the electromagnetic field around a person’s body.

There is over 150 years’ history of experiments and case studies of mesmerism done by professors and some of the best minds of the day. Many of the medical cases of mesmerism are written up in more detail than modern studies of hypnotism.

To learn hypnosis is to learn a technique. To become a mesmerist is to transform your personality – to develop your will power to project bio-energy to entrance your subject."

- James Pool

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