Friday, 31 July 2015

Well-known Health & Fitness Club Says Don't Tell Members How Gastric Band Hypnosis Can Help Them!

My Health & Fitness Club told me not to tell fellow members about Gastric Band Hypnosis which I offer because it competes with their services!

I'm not competing with the gym, the fitness classes or the swimming & spa. On the contrary, I absolutely recommend that people do regular exercise and preferably something cardio-vascular to give them a healthy heart as well as toning & conditioning for their muscles. When hypnotherapy clients come to me for weight loss, I always recommend they join this particular Health & Fitness Club, whether our local club or one in their area if they are a Skype Hypnosis client.

I was stunned when the manager took me aside. I had overheard one of the hugely obese members in the changing room complaining about how her weight was not changing, even though she regularly attended exercise classes. So I told her briefly about Gastric Band Hypnosis and gave her one of my information leaflets. She showed the leaflet to the manager who is also obese and I was told off.

Gastric Band Hypnosis is a safe, natural and relaxing program of 4 sessions in which the client "undergoes gastric band surgery in a virtual way" ie we pretend s/he is having the operation. As our powerful subconscious mind cannot distinguish between imagined events and reality, it sends the message to the stomach that a gastric band is in place. The client starts to reduce portion size and change eating habits to more healthy ones. Without any effort, the client starts to lose weight and, because this all starts in the powerful subconscious mind, these changes to eating habits are permanent.

One man reported reducing his portion size by one-third overnight. One woman told me how her new 'conscious eating habits' changed the way she ate her lunch at work. My best result so far is a woman of 32 who weighed 24 stone (336 lbs or 152 kg) and lost 7 stone (98 lbs or 44 kg) with Gastric Band Hypnosis. 7 stone!!! Her doctor had told her she was not eligible for a free Gastric Band Surgery in the UK NHS system because her BMI was not high enough. She had to put on more weight before the NHS would fund her £10,000 operation. As she had not worked in two years and was severely depressed, she could not even consider paying for the operation privately. Gastric Band Hypnosis cost a fraction of that amount and did not leave her with scar tissue, bruising, stitches or needing to recover from general anaesthetic. It's an option that might be the answer to losing weight that you need.

I offer Gastric Band Hypnosis for clients local to Portsmouth in Hampshire, UK, or worldwide over Skype Hypnosis. You can find me at English Skype Hypnotist.

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