Saturday, 28 July 2007

Alfie the Ant and Hypnosis for Children

A new ebook for children, 'The Adventures of Alfie the Ant', includes the story of how Uncle Harry, the Hypno-Ant, hypnotizes Alfie to overcome his fear of the dark.

Author Dr Bryan Knight is Canada’s foremost hypno-psychotherapist.

“The Hypno-Ant story explains hypnotherapy in a way that makes it easy for a child to understand,” says Dr Knight. “And even shows a parent how to help his or her child conquer a fear of the dark.”

"Parents can also use hypnosis to help older children be calm for exams, to study better, increase their self-confidence -- even enhance their sports performance" adds Dr Knight.

"It's so easy to learn how to hypnotize other people, especially children," says Dr Knight. "In fact, children drop in and out of hypnosis naturally all day. When parents learn how to use hypnosis positively the whole family benefits."

On the front page of each ebook is the name of the child for whom it is intended.

“The Adventures of Alfie the Ant” contains five stories, illustrated by London, England, artist David Reeves.

‘Alfie is Sweet as Sugar’ teaches the value of cooperation.
‘Alfie Takes a Tumble’ shows, without preaching, how to deal with trouble.
‘How Alfie Saved Ant City’ is an exciting lesson in personal responsibility.
‘Alfie Explores the Magic Garden’ ends the ebook with a fun tale about playtime.

Dr Knight wrote the Ant stories in Montreal for his four-year-old granddaughter.
Illustrations were painted by her other grandfather in London, David Reeves.

Knight has authored many books, including "Enjoying Single Parenthood" and "Health and Happiness with Hypnosis." His vast website, Hypnosis Headquarters, [ ] is packed with information about hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and psychotherapy.

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Antonia Stuart-James is an English Hypnotherapist in Belgium helping people make positive change.

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