Friday, 6 July 2007

Bedwetting Responds to Hypnosis

I once helped an eight year old boy to stop bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis to give its medical name. His parents had tried a mat and alarm. They did not let him drink anything for two hours before going to bed yet still the problem persisted. As he was about to go away to boarding school, it had become an urgent problem to avoid shame and inevitable teasing from his fellow dorm mates.

I came across this technique which worked amazingly well. Under hypnosis, I simply called the boy, Adam, by his middle name, James, and told that boy to wake up Adam whenever he needed to empty his bladder. Combined with the fun of sitting in the magic chair, Adam and James responded well and the problem was overcome.

Children generally do respond well to hypnotherapy, providing they are at least seven years old, of normal intelligence for their age and can sit still long enough with their eyes closed. They enjoy the concept of sitting in a magic chair which also works on a trip to the dentist, or flying around in their mind's eye on a flying carpet.

Obviously, I have changed the names of this boy to protect his identity. It is important to establish whether the child has always had the problem (primary) or has lapsed after months of dry beds (onset) and that there is no physical cause. Parents should not expect dry beds before the age of five.

I use this as a source book for working with children, available from

These books from might be helpful in treating children with hypnotherapy:

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