Thursday, 5 July 2007

"Sex, Lies & Hypnosis" - Ursula James

A new hypnotherapy series just started on British TV entitled "Sex, Lies and Hypnosis" showcasing therapy by Ursula James.

The first programme was about a young couple who loved each other deeply and were parents to an 18 months old daughter yet could not stop terrible rowing. The girl moved out to a hostel with her daughter whilst the couple sought therapy.

Ursula came across as understanding and trustworthy, indeed she told each of the couple that they would have to trust her.

By applying a band on their forehead to conduct an EEG during the session, she showed when their brainwaves changed during relaxation and hypnotic trance.

Each party had relationship issues from the past although we were not told with whom and these were causing them to sabotage their current relationship. By classic regression techniques using books in a library, Ursula lead them to a point where they revealed the incidents which were causing the problem but did not actually discuss them. Instead, she left each person's subconscious to chew over the information and bring a cause to the conscious when ready to process that information.

Whilst some of the press tried to discredit Ursula James, I took her at face value and appreciated the therapy she gave which produced good results. By the end of three months the couple were living together again and consciously knew what they were doing which damaged the relationship and so could choose different behaviour.

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